AN Obsession To Abbreviate - Admin

Welcome to ANOTA - AN Obsession To Abbreviate

ANOTA is a small web service that offers URL forwarding like or tinyurl.
Use the homepage to access this startpage.
Use /report.anota to query existing keywords.
Use /<keyword> to call the forwarding page ot the URL.

Here you can register URL shortcuts. Please go ahead

Register a new shortcut URL

Data is stored in a two column table anota.shortcut_url in a MySQL database.
Some interesting experiments: SQL injection on the report.anota page. Try the following:
Look for shortcut:

bla' OR true;#
and have fun with the output.
The full table scan is not inteded by the app!
Or even nicer, try
' UNION SELECT table_schema AS shortcut, table_name AS url FROM information_schema.tables;#

And don't try but think what happens with